Canada or Australia is the best choice to relocate?

Edwina Shanahan, a managing director at looks at the pros and cons of both countries.

1. Lifestyles of Australia and Canada

Both Australia and Canada are ranked very high on their lifestyles. While Australia boasts of its nature, good climate and people’s attitude to newcomers, Canada is also proud of its wild nature, advanced healthcare system, excellent education and good quality of life.

Vancouver, Canada skyline

2. Job opportunities

There’s always a demand in Canada for skilled workers. Most Canadian employers are constantly looking for truck mechanics, heavy diesel mechanics, carpenters, pipefitters, steel erectors, metal fabricators, industrial electricians, instrumentation technicians, riggers, scaffolders, crane operators. Salaries vary between $35 and to $45 while taxes are relatively low.

The Australian economy grew faster in the last few years as a lot of money was poured into engineering projects. Some regions in Western Australia were ranked as Australia’s richest in terms of personal income.

Perth, night panorama

3. The Educational systems in both countries

In Canada, school fees are paid for temporary residents and Canadian education is rated as one of the best in the world while in Australia you should pay up to 10,000 dollars per year if you are not a permanent resident.

4. Work visa options for Australia and Canada

There are few work visa options for Canada:

  • 1-year Working holiday visa
  • Work permit where you need a job offer from a Canadian employer
  • Federal skilled, Trade Skilled visa or Canada Experience Class visa – which are all permanent visa options.

For Australia, you should consider similar visa opportunities:

  • 1-year Working holiday visa
  • Employer-sponsored visa where you need a job offer from an Australian employer
  • Skilled migrant visa – which is a point-based permanent visa option

While those with working holiday visas usually prefer to head and find a job while over there, the majority of the skilled workers prefer to have a job secured before they go.

Maligne Lake, Alberta, CA

5. What is the best option then?

It’s hard to say which country is best for you as it depends on your personal and family circumstances. But whatever you choose, think of all the pros and cons, make a reasonable decision and fire ahead! organizes working holiday visas, skilled migrant visas, tourist visas and business visas, handling 800,000 visa cases per year for people travelling to more than 100 countries.


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