Canada launches consultation meetings about the future immigration policy of the country

map of Canada

The Canadian Government together with the government agency Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) are launching a series of consultations about the appropriate mix in the Canadian immigration policy during the next several years.

The meetings will be held in Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Windsor and Halifax. Both Canadian businesses and the general public are invited to come and give their opinions and points of view.

This can happen either on the meetings or online until the end of August 2012.

In the course of the last ten years,  Canada has welcomed the highest sustained level of immigration during its history.

Now the Canadian Government turn to its citizens in order to ask them for a feedback on the most pressing immigration issues such as the appropriate levels of yearly immigration and the most optimal number of foreign citizens who are allowed to enter the country in each of the four different immigration classes that currently exist – family, economic, refugee and humanitarian.

According to CIC, when the immigration policy is planned and implemented, not only the immigration objectives of Canada should be taken into account but also broader government commitments together with current and future socioeconomic conditions.

Furthermore, the department should take into consideration its ability to process new immigration applications and the overall capacity of Canadian society to welcome newcomers.

The government hopes that the consultations will be a field where different perspectives and diverging views will meet.

In addition to that, it is expected that they will feature a wide range of opinions and points of view, including those of employers, educational institutions, professional bodies, academia and intellectuals, business organizations, municipalities and working people.

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