Canada needs more IT specialists from abroad

The Canadian IT industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the Canadian economy. During the last year it grew by 28% creating 8000 jobs in the process. The Information Technology association of Canada however suggested that in order to be successful in the long-run the IT sector needs to attract the best talent available in the world. Finding such people, is an increasingly difficult challenge, because of the expected demographic crunch caused by the retiring of the baby booming generation and because of the fact that a lot of imbalances exists on the job market. It is predicted that more than 108 000 IT jobs will remain unfilled in Canada in the next five years.

The Government Organization Citizenship and Immigration Canada say that there are various ways for qualified IT professionals to enter and work in Canada:

Quebec Immigration Program – It was recently suspended, however if you are resident of Quebec, have diploma from Quebec-based educational institution or have a diploma which is recognized as equivalent to that a diploma from Quebec-based institution you may still be eligible from the program. Furthermore, good knowledge of French is an important asset.

Federal Skilled Worker class – this program was also suspended since July 2012, but is expected to reopen in the beginning of 2013. Any professional who have a job offer from a Canadian employer or is skilled in one of the 29 trades listed on the CIC site may apply for the program.

Temporary Work Permit – Any Skilled worker who has an offer from a Canadian employer can apply for Temporary Work Permit.

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