Canada wants to attract more immigrants

The Canadian Government expands Alberta's Foreign Worker Project

The Canadian Government wants to attract a lot of new skilled workers such as plumbers, pipefitters, electricians and others from the U.S. and elsewhere. For this purposes, there is a new type of visa which began in January and whose aim is to address current labour shortages that exist on the local market by easing the visa path for skilled tradesmen. It has been forecasted that during 2013 the new program will attract more than 3000 new applicants.

There is a global competition for professionals who have a background in various skilled trades and it is expected that some counties such as Canada will profit at the expense of other countries like the United States. In the year 2012 alone more than 37 000 skilled immigrants have gained Canadian residence under the various immigration programs that are run by the government.

The country is trying “to build a fast and flexible immigration system that is responsive to the needs of Canada’s economy,” Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said in a press release Jan. 2. Employers “have long been asking for ways to get the skilled tradespeople they need to meet demands in many industries across the country.”

One of the biggest problems is that the Canadian labour market is very unbalanced. The four westernmost provinces have an unemployment rate of 3,9% which is much less than the national average of 7,9%. At the same time, Ontario has a jobless rate of about 12,5%. The efforts that the government has put to increase the internal migration of people have not paid so far.

The country has one of the biggest immigration rates in the world and has welcomed more than 250 000 new immigrants during the last year. The US is the fourth-largest source of immigrants for Canada after the Philippines, China and India.

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