Canada will make it easier for skilled workers who have local work experience to obtain residence permit

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In January 2013, Canada will make it easier for skilled foreign workers with experience in working in Canada to obtain a permanent residence permit for the country.

According to the Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, the new changes to the Canadian Experience Class will allow any skilled worker who has 12 months of experience in a skilled Canadian position to apply for permanent residence under the program.

The current rules require that most applicants have at least 24 months of experience before they are eligible to apply.

In addition to that, Mr Kenney announced that all foreign graduates from Canadian Universities will be allowed to stay and work in the country for up to 36 months.

During this time they will be able to gain the necessary 12-month experience which will help them to qualify for a permanent residence under the Canadian Experience Class program.

Previously, graduates from abroad were allowed to stay in the country for a maximum of 24 months.

In recent months, Jason Kenney has already made several significant changes to the Canadian Experience Program.

While visiting the United Kingdom and Ireland this summer he stated that  UK and Irish graduates would be allowed to stay in Canada for two years rather than one under the International Experience Canada working holiday program during which time they could gain their work experience.

The number of applications that are allowed under the Canadian Experience Class visa stream was increased.

The scheme was instigated in 2008. In 2009, the scheme permitted 2,545 applications. In 2013, 10,000 applications will be accepted.

According to Mr Kenney, the Canadian Experience Class program is one of the most significant visa streams for the Canadian economy since it attracts individuals, who have valuable Canadian experience.

The immigration statistics has continuously shown that such workers have the best chance to succeed in the Canadian labour market and their skills will help Canada to respond to the current labour market challenges that it faces.

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