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The immigration minister of Canada Jason Kenney has stated that he approves the measures that the British Government has undertaken in order to improve its student visa program.

He thinks that similar reform is needed in Canada as well.

Last week Mr Kenney was interviewed by a leading UK newspaper. He was asked for his opinion about the controversial decision of the UK Border Agency to strip London Metropolitan University of its Highly Trusted Sponsor status.

According to Kenney this decision will not hurt the international image of the British education, but will, in fact, strengthen it.

Mr Kenney told Chris Parr of the Times Higher Education supplement that he believed that the decision had been the right one.

‘I read the London Met controversy as sending a strong message to that the UK is going to maintain the integrity of its post-secondary brand to international students,’ he said.

He added Canada will undertake similar reforms because there are many educational institutions that are not offering quality course and that are mostly facilitating various forms of legal immigration.

The department of Mr Kenney – Citizenship and Immigration Canada is responsible for the immigration policy of the country.

Canada has one of the most active immigration policies of any G7 country as a result of which around 20 000 students are granted permanent residence.

One of the main goals of the Canadian immigration policy is to attract a lot of foreign students but Mr Kenney thinks than quality is not to be sacrificed for quantity.

Therefore he will restrict Canadian university from admitting foreign students without any regard for the quality of their academic performance. He even thinks that the number of accepted foreign students should be reduced.

According to him, if a Chinese student comes to study in Canada hoping to improve his English it won’t do any good for him to end up in an environment where  40% of the students are native Mandarin speakers.

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International Students are a great boon to Canada, and anything that makes the process for international students to study in Canada.

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