Canada will tighten immigration rules

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Canadian minister of immigration has announced that the country will tighten its immigration rules. People who want to come to Canada and have children, who are 19 years old or older will have to make two separate visa applications. In addition to that, the new rules will make it more difficult for older children who want to study and live full time in Canada. Officials from Ottawa estimate that the new rule will discourage around 7000 potential immigrants from coming in the country.

At its core, the rule changes the meaning of the phrase dependent children. Presently those who are under the age of 22 are considered dependent. They are granted visas automatically when their parents become eligible to live in Canada. Under the new rules every, who is older than 19 will not be thought of as dependent and will have to apply for a visa separately.

Their permanent residence will be granted on the basis of their stand-alone application. With education and work experience being a critical part of the points test for permission to emigrate, the new rule will make it virtually impossible for those new files to be approved — at last until third-level education and work experience build up the needed points.

According to the latest statistics, 64,757 of all dependent children, who came to Canada in 2012 and were considered dependent were below 19 years old. This is around 90 per cent of the total number of dependent children for the year. At the same time, there were around 7,237 dependent children who were above 19. Part of the reasoning given in the briefing paper outlining the rule changes says that Canada’s economy remains fragile and needs to be protected.

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