Canadian Express Entry Starting in 2015

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As Visa First announced earlier this year, the Canadian Immigration introduces Express Entry as of 1 January 2015. This will help the selection of skilled migrants in the country. It is expected that the new program will bring in a lot of improvements to the Canadian Immigration policy, including faster processing, access of applicants from various fields and moving the accent to the quality applications.

What is the Canadian Express Entry Program?

The Canadian Express entry scheme was inspired by the New Zealand immigration program, which was later on adopted by Australia. You document your credentials such as education, qualification and work experience, etc. and express your interest in living and working in Canada. The idea of Express Entry is similar to job hunting through one big organization, Canada federal government that passes your CV and additional documentation to the relevant employers and provinces in Canada. Thus, those applicants with a valid job offer or provincial nomination will be ranked higher and selected first.

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Main Features of Canadian Express Entry:

  • Express Entry will actually be used to select applicants for three immigration scheme: Federal Skilled worker program, Federal Skilled Trades Program and Canadian Experience Class;
  • Express Entry will also be used to select part of the applicants for Provincial Nominee programs;
  • Once selected from the pool, an application can be processed in six months or less.

What are the Benefits of Express Entry?

  • Focus on Your Credentials

The main focus of this program is that it gives you the opportunity to emphasize your credentials and create your own profile highlighting your experience and qualification and not trying to fit it to an existing framework. The benefit here is that you have the freedom to include your credentials that are most relevant to your visa application and thus gain higher ranking.

  • Only Quality of Applications Matters

Under the new Express Entry, an unlimited number of applications will be accepted and the quality applications will have greater chances, not those first submitted. This means that provinces and employers will be able to select the best professionals regardless of the time their applications have been submitted.

As a comparison, under the existing Federal skilled scheme, applicants needed to submit their applications as soon as possible because of the quotas on each eligible occupation. And as you can assume, the most popular occupations have been filled in really quickly. The Express Entry program will not process applications as they are received in the queue but will rather attract those people who are more likely to succeed in Canada.


Canadian Express Entry program was a long-awaited step in improving the Immigration policy.

Canada’s Immigration Minister Chris Alexander said: “With the launch of Express Entry in January, our Government will build on our strong and proven record of helping immigrants succeed, and helping Canada’s economy thrive. Starting January 1st, we will be able to select the top economic immigrants who will contribute to our economy”.

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