Canadian Government may revoke the citizenship of 500 people

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The Canadian Government announced that it intends to renounce the citizenship of around 500 Canadian because of immigration-related offences.

Furthermore, it investigates over 3000 more people who were granted citizenship.

After the Second Worlds War Canada has abolished the citizenship of only 50 people and most of them were high profile criminals such as the Branko Rogan who was responsible for torturing Muslims in a prison camp during the Bosnian conflict. He was stripped of his Canadian passport in 2007.

In September 2012, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) had sent letters to around 530 people informing them that it intends to revoke their citizenship.

In addition to that, the Canadian immigration minister Jason Kenney announced that he was beginning the process of revoking the citizenship of a further 3,100 people suspected of immigration fraud.

Investigations of the Canadian polices revealed that there were various corrupt Immigration agents that were helping foreign citizen to create false documentation to support their citizenship applications.

Every applicant for Canadian citizenship must have lived for at least three years in the country before being eligible to apply for a passport.

Some evidence, however, shows that the agents falsified applicants’ documents to show that they were living in Canada when in fact they were living in their own countries.

The Canadian opposition’s spokeswoman on immigration, Jinny Sims, said that it was right that those who were abusing the system were being investigated but voiced her concern that some people who had ‘made a very honest mistake and didn’t understand the rules’ should not be prosecuted.

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