Canadian IEC program opens (5th March) for Ireland!


There are three streams to the program:

  • Young Professionals – OPENED
  • International co-op internship – OPENED
  • Working Holiday visa – Register now and get ahead of the crowd.

The IEC program has opened for the Young professional and internship streams. You need a job offer/placement offering in order to be accepted onto one of these streams.

But the highly anticipated Working Holiday stream still remains closed at this point.

Yet we are expecting to advise our clients of the opening date for the 10,000 IEC visas very shortly.

To secure an invitation to apply for the Working Holiday visa, the key is to be prepared ahead of the crowd.

Canadian immigration has changed the process many times in the last couple of years. Anyone who missed the program last year could expect to face more changes this time around too.

We, at, are providing our clients with

  • A preparation guide to ensure they are best prepared to navigate through the IEC stage.
  • A list of expected questions that you may be asked
  • A checklist of required documents that you will need
  • The opening times both by email and text message so you can be sure not to miss out on the short window of times that exists to submit your IEC application.
  • The correct link for the site also.

Once the program opens and you have submitted your information, you then need to wait to receive your Conditional Letter of Acceptance if you have done everything right. This will take up to 14 days if done correctly.

Once you receive this, we will have just a few days to submit your visa application. So this does not give people much time to gather the information – especially when some of the documents (like police clearances) can take a few weeks to obtain.

Again, will be handling this visa application stage for our clients.

We will be

  • Providing our clients with a checklist of required documentation and forms for the visa application
  • Reviewing the documentation and preparing the visa application for submission with our ICCRC registered agents.
  • Lodging the application to immigration
  • Following up with immigration on any additional questions

So there are some things that people can have prepared beforehand and it is best to be as prepared as possible for the imminent opening of the 2015 IEC program for Ireland.

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