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19:16:21  Shane: Hello
19:16:21  Kenn: Welcome to the visa first live chat! How can I help you today?
19:16:54  Shane: I am currently debating getting a work visa for Australia for late next year
19:17:10  Kenn: Great
19:17:23  Kenn: Do you hold Canadian passport, Shane?
19:17:23  Shane: I was just wonder what are the requirements and how long it takes to process the application and get the visa
19:17:32  Shane: Yes I do
19:17:47  Kenn: Can I have your surname and date of birth for quick age assessment?
19:18:09  Shane: Schrey
19:18:14  Shane: and Oct, 23, 1988
19:18:20  Shane: Just turned 25 Last week
19:18:34  Kenn: Thanks
19:18:45  Kenn: As long as you hold Canadian passport and you’re under 31 years old
19:18:52  Kenn: You meet all the requirements for the visa, Shane
19:18:58  Kenn: So apparently you do qualify for one
19:19:20  Shane: Really? Thats all?
19:19:40  Kenn: Correct
19:19:52  Kenn: The working holiday visa is the basic work visa for Australia
19:20:00  Kenn: The easiest and the cheapest one to get
19:20:16  Kenn: So in your case I believe it will be the best option
19:20:19  Shane: And my lease is up on my place November 1st 2014. So I was wondering how far in advance I would need to apply to be able to at that time
19:21:09  Kenn: You can apply for the visa within 12 months from your expected arrival date
19:21:28  Kenn: Once you have your visa approved – you have 1 year to enter Australia just to activate the visa
19:21:36  Kenn: And the then 12 month visa period will start running
19:21:38  Shane: Oh, so I could even start applying now. And set my departure for November
19:21:39  Shane: Fantastic
19:21:52  Kenn: Yes, Shane
19:21:57  Kenn: It is always better to apply in advance
19:22:06  Kenn: Especially before booking any flights
19:22:25  Shane: And say I have friends in Australia that I can live with. The working visa will allow me to work generally anywhere as long as the company thinks I will be a valuble candidate?
19:22:39  Kenn: Sure
19:22:49  Kenn: You can work for the whole year, any kind of work, anywhere
19:22:53  Kenn: The only condition is
19:23:03  Kenn: To work for one employer for up to 6 months
19:23:16  Shane: Thats not a problem
19:23:29  Shane: And after the year is up, I have to return to Canada?
19:23:40  Shane: Or can I renew my visa while still in Australia if I choose?
19:24:02  Kenn: There is an option for 2nd working holiday visa as well
19:24:06  Kenn: In order to qualify for one
19:24:18  Kenn: You have to do at least 3 months of regional work under your 1st-year visa
19:24:39  Kenn: That includes farming, harvesting, construction, mining, etc. – any such work done in regional Australia (out of the major cities)
19:25:13  Shane: I am working right now, so if I take a minute or two to respond, please be patient. Sorry
19:25:14  Kenn: If you do the regional work you can apply for another visa and extend your stay with 1 year
19:25:30  Kenn: That’s not a problem, Shane
19:26:55  Shane: Alright. That shouldn’t be a problem
19:27:28  Shane: I currently work at a concrete plant. So something like that would not be an issue. As well as the pay is usually better anyway so probably a smart choice
19:28:43  Kenn: Yes, actually many people prefer to work in construction as the payment is really good
19:29:09  Kenn: Just have in mind that if you are going to work in construction you will need to pass a safety work course
19:29:18  Kenn: It’s called a white card / green card
19:29:34  Kenn: It takes only one day, after that, you obtain a cert and you’ll be good to go
19:29:54  Kenn: We can organize one for you so you can do it as soon as you arrive and start working straight after
19:30:05  Shane: I have all the safety courses Needed to work in construction in Canada as well as the oil field. So passing those courses also won’t be a problem
19:30:15  Kenn: Yes
19:30:20  Kenn: It’s not a big deal at all
19:30:31  Kenn: You just need to spend a few hours with the course
19:31:03  Shane: And is there a certain place where I need to go. Or can I go anywhere in Australia?
19:31:28  Kenn: Is it for the work coursE?
19:31:39  Shane: To work I mean
19:31:59  Kenn: You can work anywhere in Australia with that visa
19:31:59  Shane: Am I limited to Sydney or major cities or can I work anywhere
19:32:05  Shane: Ok 😀
19:32:26  Kenn: So actually Shane
19:32:34  Kenn: When do you plan to travel again?
19:32:42  Kenn: Would that be sometime in November 2014?
19:33:39  Shane: Yes I wouldn’t go till November.
19:33:47  Shane: So 12 months
19:33:52  Kenn: I see
19:34:02  Kenn: In that case, the best to apply will be later on next month
19:34:30  Kenn: That way we’ll make sure that you will enter Australia within 12 months
19:34:32  Shane: I understand. Then it will be just under 12 months for when I am applying
19:34:48  Kenn: Indeed
19:35:02  Shane: So what information do I need to do to apply when I do
19:35:10  Shane: and is it by mail, online, or in-person
19:35:27  Kenn: The best way to apply is over the phone actually
19:35:41  Kenn: We just need to confirm some of your passport details, a few additional questions along with the payment
19:35:46  Kenn: It takes 7-8 minutes
19:36:02  Kenn: So the information you need includes your passport details and your bank card
19:36:28  Kenn: So you can call 647 724 3535 when ready
19:36:46  Kenn: Alternatively you can return to and submit an online application
19:37:17  Shane: alright
19:37:22  Shane: and how much is it?
19:39:01  Kenn: The standard arrival package we organize costs 580 CAD
19:39:23  Kenn: That includes your 1-year working holiday visa, Australian bank account, tax file number and a SIM card for your mobile as a bonus
19:39:37  Kenn: Basically all the services one would need to start working in the general case
19:40:14  Kenn: Additionally for our customers, we provide access to the largest job databases in Australia and 12-month free internet access (available in our working holiday centre in Sydney)
19:40:36  Shane: Oh ya. and then after my visa, I just need to book my flight
19:40:51  Kenn: Correct
19:41:11  Kenn: My advice is not booking the flight before the visa is ready
19:41:16  Shane: is there any other requirements, such as a certain amount in my bank account
19:42:34  Shane: That won’t be an issue, I’m just curious
19:43:10  Kenn: Upon arrival, you could be asked to show that you have sufficient funds to support your stay
19:43:21  Kenn: The required amount is 5000 AUD
19:43:36  Shane: do you know the transfer to Canadian?
19:43:58  Kenn: The Australian pretty much equals the Canadian dollar
19:44:01  Kenn: Of course Shane
19:44:04  Shane: Alright
19:44:08  Shane: No problem
19:44:10  Shane: *problem
19:44:10  Kenn: At this point, such evidence of funds is not required
19:44:27  Kenn: Later on, at the airport, they could ask you for that
19:44:37  Kenn: Maybe 1 out of 3 people is checked
19:44:54  Shane: Just bring a bank statement with me
19:45:03  Kenn: Correct
19:45:39  Shane: awesome
19:45:51  Shane: well you answered everything that I was curious about
19:46:08  Shane: and I am definitely going to apply within a month or two
19:47:44  Shane: Thank you very much
19:48:09  Kenn: You’re most welcome, Shane
19:48:16  Kenn: You can keep my contact number
19:48:19  Kenn: And our website
19:48:31  Kenn: So whenever you are ready you can get back to me
19:48:41  Kenn: Of course if any additional questions arise, please let me know 🙂
19:49:37  Shane: Awesome! Thanks
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19:49:39  System: The visitor “Shane” is disconnected
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