Celebrate Girls Night Out In Sydney

Typical bar in Sydney

Where else better to spend a girls night out that in one of Australia’s most popular cities – Sydney?

With a variety of nightlife that would appeal to all party-goers, you are truly spoilt for choice in one of the world’s most high-ranking cities.

Whether its drinks in a bar with astounding views, trying your luck on the roulette table or dancing the night away in some of the city’s best nightclubs, you are sure to have a night to remember in Sydney.

Sydney is home to a variety of exclusive bars perfect for your girl’s night out. Bar Pacifica is one of the top spots.

A stylish rooftop bar set at the top of The Eastern hotel in Sydney, the relaxed vibes, fantastic cocktails and astounding views all makes for the perfect girls night out. Whether its live acoustic music or DJ sessions, the funky and chilled out atmosphere is a great place to catch up with your girlfriends!

Whilst there, be sure to try their signature drink – the chesterfield, a refreshing blend of cranberry, apple and vodka.

Another alternative to heading to your regular bar is to head down to The Star casino and hotel. The 5-star luxury casino is everything and more than you would expect from a world-class entertainment venue. Whether you are a novice player or have played a couple of times, there are a variety of games to suit everyone.

It’s best if you go prepared unless you want to be on a losing streak! Practice your game and strategies on online casino sites like Intertops Australia, who have an extensive range of the same casino games online.

That way, you can feel the thrill of winning instead of the unpleasantness of losing.

Casino in Sydney

If a club is more what you’re looking for on your big girls night out then Sydney is definitely the right choice, the city hosts a vast array of incredible nightclubs.

One of the most popular clubbing haunts is ‘Home’, located in the centre of the city, the self-proclaimed super club guarantees to be a night to remember.

Although a little on the pricey side the club has every genre of music to guarantee all your girlfriends will have a fantastic night!

Another notable club in Sydney is Soho, just a short distance from Kings Cross station; Soho is a great destination for a big night out!

The glamorous scene is a great venue if you want to dress up and dance the night away, the 2 floors play host to a variety of music and you may spot the occasional celebrity.

The sophisticated vibes make for a great atmosphere that will soon be a favourite of all your friends.

Club Soho - Sydney

For a big night out with your girlfriends why not try something different? Sydney has some of the best live music venues in Australia, guaranteed entertainment and something different will definitely impress all of your friends.

Why not try the Annandale Hotel; the prestigious venue has played host to up and coming bands for several decades.

The atmosphere in the Annandale is like nothing you have ever experienced, the live music truly makes for a memorable and distinctive evening.


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