Chinese and Indian Immigration to Canada is slowing down.

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The growing living standards in Asia and especially in countries such as China have led to a decreasing number of Chinese and Indian people, who want to immigrate in Canada.

Instead, new sources such as the Philippines are emerging as feeder countries to Canada’s fast-growing population of foreign-born residents, according to a new study released Wednesday by TD Economics.

According to statistical data from 2011 more than 6,8 million Canadian residents or 21% of the population are foreign-born. This is the highest percentage among G8 nations. Nevertheless, the number of people who come from China and India is declining.

About 240,000 people moved to Canada from the two countries between the census reports, down from 270,000 reported in 2006. The main reason for this is the growing economies of those countries especially in the period between 2006 and 2011.

The GDP per capita rates in those countries rose sharply. At the same time, many developed countries were hit hard by the global economic crisis and their GDP rates remained mostly flat. This diminished the incentives that people have to immigrate in Canada and other G8 countries.

In addition to that the stronger English requirements that Canada introduced for prospective immigrants also weighted on the number of foreigners from non-English speaking countries who want to immigrate there.

The shift to lower immigration may have very negative consequences for the Canadian economy because a large part of the skilled immigration comes from those two countries.

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Hi, Could you share with us which countries are your preferred destinations?

Hi, Could you share with us which countries are your preferred destinations?

We are getting more opportunities from other comparing to canada that the reason we are getting less immgiration canada.

Now a days people have number of option to migrate than Canada because now people are getting more opportunity to UK and Australia than Canada and that is the reason that people are look less towards Canada......

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