Chinese investors will sue Canadian Immigration department

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A group of Chinese citizens who applied for the Canadian Investor Visa are considering suing the government after it cancelled the program. During February this year, the Canadian government terminated the program, at the same time it is estimated that more than 65 000 applicants are waiting for their Canadian visas.

A Canadian lawyer representing some of the former IIP Canadian permanent residence visa applicants told CBC/ Radio-Canada ‘There’s a doctrine of legitimate expectation. People put in an application expecting something’s going to happen but all of a sudden, all they knew, everything’s cancelled, funds refunded’.

In the case of the investor visa application, the argument goes that people who have submitted their documents expect that they will receive their visas. Some applicants have even bought a property in various Canadian cities. At the same time, however, it is not clear whether the doctrine applies in this case. The reason for this is that the Canadian minister already told that the old program will be replaced with new investor visa scheme.

Nevertheless, people, who had their applications cancelled, are very upset about it. In Beijing, a small group of about ten applicants held a press conference at which they urged the Canadian government to reassess their decision to cancel the program.

The International Investment Program was targeted at high-net-worth individuals with assets of at least 1,6 million Canadian dollars. In order to qualify for the visa, they need to lend 800 000 CAD to the government. At the time of the cancelling of the program, there were around 20 000 principal applicants, whose documents were about to be processed.

Together with their family members, the total number of applications in the backlog amounted to nearly 65 000. The waiting time for the visa was generally five years.

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