Conservative MP in UK introduces new bill that aims to decrease immigration from EU

London, UK

The Conservative party in Britain has introduced a bill in the parliament whose aim is to limit the immigration fro EU countries.

It is however extremely unlikely that this bill will become law because there is a lack of support from the UK’s Coalition government.

Stewart Jackson the MP, who introduced the bill, is the MP for Peterborough, a town in rural Lincolnshire.

The area is home to a large number of Eastern European immigrants. According to him around one-third of the high school students in the area do not consider English as their first language.

His intention is to put pressure on the government to deal with the problem of immigration.

Mr Jackson holds the opinion that Britain should be able to control its immigration policy.

He thinks that it is unfair that low skilled eastern European workers are allowed to enter and work in Britain while high skilled Asians struggle to obtain Tier 4 student visas and Tier 2 general working visas.

Furthermore, Jackson said that if the government wants to cut the budget as a part of austerity measures against the crisis it has also to limit the number of eastern European immigrants coming to the UK.

He thinks that it is useless to cut the budget until immigration is reduced.

The newest data from the European statistical agency Eurostat show that more than 2 million immigrants from the European Union live in Great Britain.

If the bill of Stewart Jackson is accepted only those EU citizens, who have job offers from UK companies will be allowed to settle in the UK.

Job seekers would not be entitled to travel to the UK and neither would their families. Those that came would have no right to claim benefits for 18 months after their arrival.

They would also be required to be in good health and to have no criminal record.

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