Crime level among UK immigrants not higher according to a survey

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A recent study published by researchers from the London School of Economics shows that immigrants that live in the UK do not seem to commit more crime than local citizens.

Some UK newspapers have stated that immigrants tend to commit more crime than British citizens, the study, however, found that such a correlation does not exist and there is not any statistical basis for such claims.

LSE researches looked into areas where the immigrants represent at least 30% of the local population.

The study found that in such areas the crime rates have actually fallen since 2004 when they were populated with foreigners.

Brian Bell, an LSE research fellow, told UK Sunday newspaper The Observer ‘The view that foreigners commit more crime is not true.

The truth is that immigrants are just like natives; if they have a good job and a good income, they don’t commit a crime’

In addition to that, the survey found that areas with high numbers actually had fewer crimes than the average levels in the country.

According to many criminologists, the reason for this is because immigrants tend to be poorer and therefore drink less alcohol, which is the main reason for the violent assaults.

The study found one group of immigrants whose presence was linked to an increase in the crime rate.

Researchers found that, in areas where large numbers of asylum seekers settled from the late 1990s onwards, crime was ‘significantly higher’.

The reasons for this are not understood. It may be that a significant proportion of the increased crime might be accounted for by assaults on asylum seekers by native Britons.

Or it may be that, because unemployment tends to be higher among asylum seekers than among other groups of immigrants, they are more likely to turn to crime.

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