EU commission wants that US abolishes visa requirements for EU citizens


The European Commission wants the United States to remove visas for citizens of Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland and Cyprus. According to EC if the problem is not solved within 6 months, the EU may impose visas on American diplomats. Most of the EU citizens can travel without a visa to the US. In December 2013 a new directive was voted in the European Parliament which allows EU countries to act together on visa issues, especially when foreign countries treat EU citizens in a different way.

The new regulation allows the European Commission to restore the visa regime for citizens of third countries if those countries do not remove their own visa requirements within six months. According to EC, such rules might force American diplomats to apply for visas every time when they need to come to the EU. At the same time, Canada has a visa requirement for citizens of Bulgaria and Romania, Australia has e1qual treatment for all EU citizens, but Bulgarians and Romanians receive visa more difficult than other EU citizens.

If the problem persists the European Commission will introduce visa requirements for certain types of Canadian, American and Australian citizens in June. Foreign diplomats have commented that the problem will be solved through negotiations. According to the American Ambassador in Bulgaria, the visa will be removed when the country is ready for that. In order for the visa-free regime to be established, the visa rejections must be less than 3% of the total visa applications.

For Bulgaria, this rate currently stands between 11% and 14%. The situation is very similar in the other EU countries which still have visa-regime with the United States. During October last year, Canada has removed the visas for Czech citizens due to the fact that EU threatened with imposing visas for Canadian diplomats, although not any specific actions followed

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