European Immigration Paradox

Europe is stressing on the high number of immigrants floating the continent, and some of the biggest economies like Germany and the UK fear that immigrants harm – rather than support – their economies and cultures.

In the UK the immigrants, who are increasing extremely fast, are filling up the job availability, and the UK nationals fear that the unemployment rate will keep growing. In addition, the constant wave of foreigners coming into the country is bringing foreign traditions and customs with it and is thus completely changing the national culture – slowly but surely.

Despite all fears and problems coming with the mass immigration to Europe, Brussels says Europe needs more of it in order to recover from the economic downturn. Brussels authorities plan to make it easier for workers to enter Europe for temporary seasonal jobs in farming, tourism, and other industries.

According to Cecilia Malmstrom, EU home affairs commissioner, more immigrants are needed to fill “labour shortages.” She plans to speed up procedures for hiring managers, specialists and seasonal workers from outside the EU.

“We need immigrant workers in order to secure our economic survival,” she said.

“We know unemployment rates are still very high in Europe. Paradoxically, at the same time there are labour shortages,” she also explained.

The British Home Office, however, does not approve such action and insists Britain to refuse to sign up for the latest overhaul of EU border controls.



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