First Express Entry Draw for Canadian Residency Planned for Next Week

Canada Barrier Lake Kananaskis Aerial

Since 1 Jan 2015, the Canadian government launched the new Express Entry immigration program to enable skilled people all over the world to migrate to Canada faster. The skilled migration applications were processed in order of receipt before but now the immigration authority will pick up the top-ranking candidates.

It is expected that the first draw for an invitation to apply is going to be this week. Under the new changes, the applicants for permanent residency need to submit an expression of interest first and then those who meet the criteria will be accepted into the pool. In this pool, the candidates are being ranked against other applicants and given points for certain attributes such as age, skills, job offer, work experience, adaptability etc.

According to Manager, Edwina Shanahan, it is important for those Irish workers who want to apply for permanent residency in Canada to enter the pool with as many points as they can get, as only those ranked higher will be invited to apply for the visa, depending on the labour market expectation.

The Canadian Express Entry means that the Irish workers willing to relocate to Canada on a permanent basis, i.e. around 2,000 people will need to go through a more selective process now.

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