More foreigners obtain Canadian Working Holiday Visa

There is a sharp rise in the number of foreigners that are visiting Canada under the Working Holiday Visa program. The government agency Citizenship and Immigration Canada expects more than 20 000 young people during the coming summer. International Experience Canada which is the other name of the Canadian Working Holiday Visa allows young people from 35 countries, aged between 18 and 35 years, to spend one year living and working in Canada.

Applicants that come from Ireland may spend up to two years. Due to the recession in Europe, that already has lasted more than 5 years, the visa is a very attractive option for young people from the Eurozone. The CIC has received more than 3000 thousand applications from Irish citizens in the first then minutes after opening the application process.

At the same time, Canadian Citizens are able to make similar trips to the 32 countries which have Working Holiday Agreement with Canada.

Nevertheless, three times more foreigners come to Canada with a Working Holiday Visa than Canadians do go abroad. This has led some in Canada to question the value of the program. Some critics have even suggested that the Canadian government is using the IEC program to allow cheap foreign labour into Canada.

According to them, the Canadian Working Holiday Visa helps employers to circumvent the requirements of proving that a labour shortage exists on the local market before jumping to hire a foreigner.

Despite the criticism, however, the Canadian Working Holiday Visa provides an excellent opportunity for young foreigners who want to come to Canada. It even gives them the right to choose to be employed on highly skilled occupations in addition to the low-skilled ones.

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