Former US Vice President candidate calls for economic – based model of immigration

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The former candidate for Vice President Paul Ryan has announced at a conference that the US government wants to move from the current family-based model of immigration to economic-based model of immigration. ┬áMr Ryan told the Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council conference that this would require a ‘step-by-step approach’ and possibly as many as ‘seven or eight different pieces of legislation.

As far as the president Obama is concerned he has stated that he is ready to support such kind of approach as long as it addresses the matter of the 11,5 million illegal immigrants that live in the United States and find an appropriate and fair solution that gives them a clear path to citizenship.

The beginning of the reform started in March 2013 when a group of eight senators four Republicans and four Democrats created a new bill that contains the following measures; An increase of $4.5bn in spending on border security, a clear pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants living in the country. An increase in the number of H-1B ‘ speciality occupation’ temporary work visas granted each year from 85,000 annually to a maximum of about 200,000 annually.

The senate that is controlled by the Democratic Party has passed the bill. In order to become a law, it must pass through the House of Representatives as well, which is currently under the control of the republicans. While many of the Republicans agree with President Obama that the immigration system is broken many of them do not agree on the way it should be fixed. The republicans do not agree that the illegal immigrants should be given a path to citizenship because they think that this way people will be encouraged to break the law in order to enter the territory of the USA.

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