Free Tan At Gatwick

Here’s what Gatwick Airport in London did to attract travelers – it started offering free fake tan before taking off.

The idea came into effect thanks to combined efforts between the airport and the tanning firm St Tropez. Both sides hope they will make passengers more confident prior to arriving to their holiday destination.

The spray tan is also called “Gatwick Glow,” and is meant to prepare the travelers for the summer sun.

Kim Francis, the airport’s marketing manager said, “Hopefully it will send them off on their holidays feeling great about themselves.”

The offer will continue between July 28 and August 1.


I think this is a nice little touch and a great start to a holiday. It's great to see Gatwick offering air travellers something for nothing.

What a strange idea. I would have thought anybody who was worried about their pale complexion would fake tan themselves prior to going or spend some time in a sunbed.

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