Germany might expel jobless EU immigrants

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The German government has plans according to which jobless immigrants will be sent to their home even if they come from EU and despite the fact those EU citizens have the right to freely move and work within the boundaries of the Union. According to a draft of a government report, the unemployed EU citizens do not have the right to stay in the country provided that they do not have a reasonable chance of finding a job.

In discussing the limitations on residency, the proposals pointed to an EU court ruling which said six months was an appropriate period to reassess whether someone should be allowed to stay. There are hundreds of thousands EU citizens that live in Germany and this will make the practical execution of such kind of policy very difficult. For example, there are also 10,000 Bulgarians and 11,000 Romanians registered as unemployed in the country.

On January 1st the last travel and work restrictions on people from Bulgaria and Romania were lifted and those two countries saw the biggest rise in the number of unemployed. Even take together, however, Bulgarians and Romanians represent only a small portion of the unemployed EU citizens in Germany. The recent statistic shows that there are more than 540 000 EU immigrants that are listed as unemployed and another 700 000 that are searching for a job.

Due to the large number, a more feasible solution of the problem will be if the jobless immigrants are stripped by their right to receive government benefits as is the case in Belgium and the United Kingdom. The EU Law allows citizens to freely live and work in any country of the Schengen area but they cannot remain there for more than 3 months if they do not have a job or enough money not to be a burden of the host state.

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