Germany starts accepting Blue Card applications

The German Foreign Office has announced that it will start accepting application for the EU Blue Card, form the begging of August 2012. The European Blue Card was introduced in 2009. Its objective is to attract highly-skilled immigrants in EU. The EU Blue Card was designed as a response to the highly skilled immigration programs of the other industrialized countries such as USA, New Zealand, Australia and Canada. The Blue Card will be available in all EU countries except Denmark, UK and Ireland. Since 2009 each EU country is implementing the Blue Card visa in accordance with the requirements of its own labor market.

In 2012 The German Parliament passed the Blue Card directive which will allow highly qualified non-EU applicants to receive work permit quickly and easily.

The requirements that every applicant needs to meet in order to obtain a Blue Card include:

1. They must have at least bachelor degree from a recognised university

2. They must present a job offer from a German employer

3. Their annual salary must be at least 45 000 EUR per year( gross)

4. For professional fields in which there is labour shortage such as engineering, medicine and IT the minimum salary is set at 35 000 EUR per year(gross)

5. All Blue Card holders are eligible for permanent work and residence permit for Germany after after three years of continuous residence if they have job contract.

6. Provided that the Blue Card Holders have excellent German knowledge they can apply for their permanent work and residence permit after two years.

7. Spouses and other family member of Blue Card holders may receive residence permit for Germany regardless of their German knowledge.

The German Foreign Office promises that all of the Blue Card applications will be processed within two weeks. However during the firsts months the processing may take more time due to the fact that there is not enough trained staff, who handle necessary processing procedures.


Hello I also need to know how to initiate processing for german blue card Thanks Maamoun

Hi Muhammad, Can you please send us your telephone number at and we will call you back to discuss your options over the phone. Best regards,

I want to know how to initiate processing for german blue card, so that I can apply as soon.

Did anyone applied and got EU Blue Card? How long did the process take to complete?

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