Global Tourism is in Good Health

Top visited countries – France, USA, Spain, China in top 10, Russia and Mexico close behind.

Nowadays boundaries and Visa regulations are obviously no obstacle for global tourism according to visa expert Visa First.

Last few years the world tourism is growing and tops 1.1 billion tourists in 2014. Over the past few decades, global tourism is growing uninterrupted and is one the fastest growing economic sectors worldwide. The income that destinations generated by tourists during 2014 is reported $1245bln.

The expectations of the experts are the profits to grow with an average speed of 3.3% per year and to reach 1.8 bln until 2030.

Top 4 destinations countries are France, USA, Spain, China in top 10 are also Russia (9) and Mexico (10). The regional results show that America has the biggest growth of 8% vs Europe 3% and Asia and the Pacific 5%.

According to the UNWTO, 54% travelled by air to their destinations vs 46% by land of which 39% travel by road others are 2%rail and 5% by water. The leading reason for travelling abroad is leisure 53%. Other reasons for hitting the road are 14% for business and about 27% for other reasons such as visiting friends.

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