Is Great Britain one of the Most Loved Countries?

Perhaps, the UK is not the most attractive country in the world but it’s still in the top 5! Can you guess why? Of course, it’s a combination of factors – people, landscapes and countryside, cities, historical and cultural heritage, business environment, new technologies, infrastructure, good educational institutions and many more.

Cultural and historical heritage

Natural History Museum London

This is usually a very high ranking factor for a country’s attractiveness. You can discover here the mystery of Stonehenge, the walls of Edinburgh Castle, the masterpieces at Tate Modern. The historical heritage is rich because the British Isles have a rich and diverse history of rising and fall of tribes, kingdoms, empires and nations.

It’s true that the historical places make up some of the most popular tourist sites in the UK: Edinburg Castle, Roman Bath, Stonehenge and Westminster Abbey. There plenty of medieval castles, monuments, museums and ancient cites for you to visit in the UK. The UK is hosting one of the most impressive exhibitions, events, festivals, performances and cultural treats.

Business Environment

For the last decade, the UK has been the top recipient of foreign direct investment projects. The Government is making constant efforts to enhance the country’s assistance in areas such as taxation, trade, new technologies.

According to financial researches, the UK is considered very attractive to overseas companies. The country is still the European destination of choice for most US investors. Another key strength of the UK business is its lead in the financial and software services as well as in the fast-growing business services.


The UK Higher Education System is one of the most developed in the world. 71 UK universities are ranked in the 2013/2014 World University Rankings, 4 of which currently ranked among the world’s top ten – the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, University College London, London School of Economics and Political Sciences, University of Edinburgh etc.

Coast and Countryside

Corfe Castle

The UK countryside and coast are magnificent all seasons with its picturesque woodlands, countless cottages, daffodil valleys, glistening rivers, hills and sheep-coated fields, a lot of farms, character inns, canal boats and many more you can never be bored.

Explore delectable Lancashire, Essex, Hampshire, Dorset, Bronte country or Liverpool region. Or you can choose Oxfordshire or Nottinghamshire, Staffordshire or Yorkshire – there are so many places you can enjoy the UK countryside and coasts.


uk flag

The UK nowadays is home of so many nationalities and cultures that it’s difficult to describe the typical British. London is a city where you can hear over 250 languages! As a general, the British are considered to be reserved in their manners. But that’s only at a first glance.

Their sense of humour is remarkable, although some foreigners might find it hard to understand. Also, you can meet here one of the most polite and well-organized people in the globe. It’s true that British people love to talk about the weather.

They have a serious reason for this because the weather in the UK changes so often that nobody knows what the weather will be like in an hour. It’s also used as a ‘warm-up’ to any conversation. On another note, the UK is the country with a very high tolerance rate of differences in lifestyle as they still value the collective aspects of British society.

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