Hidden jewels to discover in Melbourne Australia

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Whether you are here for the great lunches or you just like discovering new places, Melbourne is the place for you. Let’s take a whirlwind adventure to discover the many hidden jewels of Melbourne.

Melbourne’s streets and tucked away alleyways are a haven for foodies and café enthusiasts with a wide selection of cuisine, wines, beers and coffees to appease all taste buds. Many rooftops are adorned with café terraces, clubs and rooftop gardens Some hotels like The Victoria Hotel, while some of the suburbs boast a breathtaking range of clothing and accessory stores to spoil men and women alike.

Let’s look a little deeper into the cracks between the skyscrapers and dazzling shop windows to uncover a selection of the hidden beauty this city has to offer. From the terrace restaurants to the unique alleyway cafes, Melbourne surely won’t disappoint.

If you prefer some retail therapy rather than dining, we can show you that Melbourne has plenty of glam and glitzy stores to keep you occupied. Some of the best boutique retailers are tucked away down side streets or on stretches of roads in the suburbs; like High Street or Chapel Street in Prahran, delightfully catering to those that know their whereabouts.

For the ladies, we have specialist cosmetic retailers like Mecca Cosmetica and for the men, there’s Captains of Industry – the Gentleman’s Outfitter.  These are just a few of the shopping delights you can uncover while exploring Melbourne.

If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city streets, there is the Art Precinct, Immigration Museum and Flinders Lane which hosts several commercial and contemporary art galleries. And don’t forget to stop and take some time to discover the street art that breaks the otherwise grey or brick walls. The most colourful corners are to be found on Union Lane, Finlay Avenue and Central Place.

From an architectural standpoint, there is enough to whet the appetite of photographers and designers alike; from the colourful RMIT Building 8 to the Melbourne Recital Centre and more; all you need to do is lookup.

Melbourne is alive with sights and sounds, textures, tastes and smells to sate all your senses. Some of the most delightful are those cafes, stores and other buildings that are hidden away and known only to a few.  We hope that this piece has opened your eyes and revealed some of the secrets that Melbourne has to offer.

If you are a local, spend some time and uncover some of the delights yourself – pick a theme, like Asian or Italian cuisine, or Art and Culture and begin your journey at Flinders Street Station.

For visitors, undoubtedly you will end up at Flinders or Federation Square – a great place to start your journey of discovery. Choosing an idea of what you want is great and if you cannot decide, there is always the Visitor Information Centre at Fed Square, (I used this myself dozens of times when first arriving in Melbourne) – here you can get maps, tips from the local volunteers and more to make your stay a memorable one.

Overall, Melbourne has many secrets for you to uncover and once you find your first one, you will not be able to stop there. Welcome to Melbourne Australia.

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