Hit The Road, Jack!

Senior Travellers

Who said travelling is for the youngsters? Seniors now, more than ever,  have reasons to reach their dream destinations, and more importantly, have lots of advantages as being older. So, why not hit the road?

Nothing can stop the adventure-seeking folks– after all, age is just a number for them and cannot be an excuse to live in monotony and boredom.

Interesting enough, the number of these folks is growing despite the economic downturn–“59 per cent of 55 to 64 year old will not let the current economic downturn hinder their plans to see more of the world,” a recent survey showed. They are also likely to wander around Europe, Australia and New Zealand as top destinations.

Another survey from last October indicated that people over 65 don’t dream back on their past, but rather envy the young about their lifestyles: “Seventy per cent wished they had had more sex, 57 per cent would have liked to have travelled more, and 45 per cent wished they had quit their jobs and changed profession,” per www.independent.co.uk.

For travelling, however, it is never too late, thus there is no need to envy the youngsters. Here’s why:

Senior years are a great time to travel because age brings respect, which is particularly important for older women who want to travel alone.

As a senior solo female, you will be far less disturbed by unwanted male attention. You will get the sympathy of local women too, which comes handy at times.

Older travellers are more financially stable too, thus they have a high impact on the tourism industry. Those, who have difficulties funding their travel, however, can enjoy a variety of discounts and privileges.

“Even if your college days are a distant memory, it’s possible to travel on a student discount over spring break this year,” says www.chron.com. “Student travel agencies are beginning to actively court non-students and older travellers, extending their low prices to the not-so-youthful set. Though it has quietly offered discounts to non-students for years, STA Travel began actively promoting “flights for everyone” on its home page late last year, highlighting sales and negotiated discounts available to travellers of any age, like round-trip flights from Los Angeles to Sydney from $798 or New York to London from $476.”


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