Immigration causes growth in UK population


According to the UK office for national statistics (ONS) the population of the country is set to grow with 10% during the next 25 years. Immigration will directly contribute to a large part of this growth. The ONS says that its projections indicate that the UK’s population should reach 68m in 2022, 70m in 2027 and 73.3m in 2037.

Part of this rise will be caused by the fact that people are generally living longer. By 2037, one in 12 of the population will be over 80. There will be 111,000 people aged over 100, compared to only 13,000 today. ONS makes its population projections every two years and those are later used by the UK government to set the appropriate policy on immigration. The current expectation of the population increase is based on the projection that the country will experience net immigration of 165 000 people per year.

The forecast predicts that net immigration will increase with 4,6 million people which will constitute 46% of the total expected growth in the population. In addition to that immigration will indirectly contribute to the population increase of 17% during the next 25 years. The reason for this is that the birth rate among immigrants is higher and therefore ONS predicts that immigration, and the related increase in birth rate, will actually cause the UK population to grow by 5.8m by 2037; 60% of the total.

In 2010, the UK’s net annual immigration figure was 250,000 but the UK’s current Coalition government has been trying to cut immigration and has so far cut it around 165,000 a year. Before the last parliamentary election, the current Premier Minister David Cameron has promised to bring the net immigration to less than 100 000 people per year.

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