Immigration is changing the ethnical makeup of USA

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Immigration is changing the ethnical makeup of the United States. According to recent sociological research around 17% of the American citizens are from Hispanic descent.

Most of them come from Mexico and are either immigrants or children of immigrants.

In addition to that, Hispanics are the fastest-growing minority and even if we assume that there is not any further immigration, they will constitute around 30% of the US population by 2030.

The second fastest-growing minority in the USA are the Asians, whose number is currently around 15 000 000 or 5% of the total population.

There are 12.2m foreign-born people living in the US as permanent residents with ‘green cards’. There are also 15.1m people living in the US who were born abroad and are naturalised US citizens.

The number of illegal immigrants in the USA is currently estimated to be around 11 million. Around half of these are Mexicans and further 25% are from the rest of Latin America.

There are also 1 million illegal immigrants from Asia. Some illegal immigrants want all those who are living in the US illegally to be granted citizenship.

The Define American campaign is run by Antonio Vargas who is from the Philippines and has been in the US illegally since 1993.

He says that his campaign raises “the question about how we as a nation define who is an American…We can’t tread water on this issue anymore.”

Many political analysts believe that Barack Obama won the elections because the strong anti-illegal stance taken by his opponent Mitt Romney.

They think that a lot of Hispanics and Asians disagreed with Mr Romney position for the “self-deportation” policy which he endorsed during his presidential campaign.

This policy involves making life so difficult for illegal immigrants that they would leave the country of their own free will.


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