International students at London Metropolitan University will have the right to continue their studies

University Students

High Court Judge has stated that the international students of London Metropolitan University (LMU) can continue their studies at the university despite the fact that the UK Border Agency removed LMU from their list of Highly Trusted Sponsor.

Furthermore, LMU will have the right to appeal against the decision of UKBA to revoke its Highly Trusted Sponsor Status.

UKBA removed LMU from its list of Highly Trusted Sponsors claiming that the university has serious flaws in its admission system, giving student status of people who do not have appropriate English language knowledge in order to undertake university studies in the UK.

Furthermore, the UKBA found that many of the students did not attend lectures regularly.

The administration of the London Metropolitan University was very critical of UKBA conclusions. The LMU vice-chancellor Malcolm Gillies stated that the decision was “outrageous”. He added that many of the UKBA rules and guidelines are confusing and self-contradictory.

The decision will prevent more than 2000 international LMU students to complete their education in the UK and will prevent the university from admitting non-EEA students in the coming years.

Mr Gillies announced that the university will undertake legal action against the revocation of the status.

The impact the decision will have on the professional and the financial future of the affected students is very significant.

Furthermore, the reputation and the goodwill of the university are seriously damaged. This is the reason why the high court judge decided that all of the current students can continue with their education.

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