The Internet and senior Australian citizens

Last year, I’ve read about a new initiative of the Australian Government to open internet cafes for senior citizens. What are internet cafes, but a place where senior citizens can gather to discover the world of versatile communication by becoming familiar with the Internet?

For young people might seem like a good initiative, but for older people sites such as “Seniors-On-Line” mean a lot more. The Australian Government provides great support by acknowledging a number of sites aiming to provide computer and Internet education, discounted computer parts and systems, as well as discounted internet access for senior citizens.

If you are travelling to Australia this year, don’t get surprised if you happen to stumble into a senior cybercafe. If you happen to be in a situation where a senior citizen is about to give you advice on how to customize your firewall, you should hear what he has to say, before making a fool out of yourself :).


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