Young Irish love affair with OZ still going strong

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Edwina estimates that between 3,000 and 4,000 people have emigrated with her company so far this year. Teachers who are finding it hard to get jobs in Ireland because of the cutbacks to the education sector will have no trouble finding work in Australia,  according to Edwina from VisaFirst.

“Teachers are sponsored by the Stare in Western Australia and they are really saying ‘we need you now over there‘.”

She added: “They’ve changed the migration policy now and individual states have their own shortage list of skilled workers. Before July of last year, a carpenter could apply to anywhere in Australia, but they’d have a waiting list of up to one year.”

Meanwhile, those who are looking for work closer to Melbourne and Sydney will also be in demand. In New South Wales they’re looking for accountants, people in the financial area or computing, engineers, and people from pharmacy or medical backgrounds.

“It’s easier for native English speakers to apply because any other nationalities have to do an English test before they can go.”


hello, my company are interested in sponsering me they have never done it before so as far as i know they have to register first.. what would the cost be to to this?

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