Irish report states that immigration is vital for economic success of the country

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An Irish report on immigration finds that even in times of economic downturn, immigrants continue to play an important role in the success of the local economy.

The report was written by the Irish economist Jim Power. According to him, the liberal visa regime is an absolute prerequisite for Ireland if the country wants to attract multinational companies from abroad.

Immigrants work in all sectors of the Irish economy. Most of them are concentrated in lowly paid administrative jobs. In some trades, however, they make up to 35% of the workforce of the country.

The largest number of immigrants in Ireland comes from Poland and from Britain.

Furthermore, the report found that immigrants in Ireland are much less likely to establish their own business than those in the UK.

The report concludes that there is little evidence to support the popular belief that immigrations was necessary during the economic boom when the unemployment rate was below 4%, but that now during the downturn is a burden for the country.

The reason for this is that there are still a lot of labour shortages on the local labour market that need to be filled with workers from abroad.

For example professions such as engineering, IT and healthcare are traditionally facing continuous shortages in Ireland.

In addition to that, the variety of language skills that immigrants bring is also very beneficial for the Irish economy.

The report suggests that Ireland should look to improve its immigration policy by offering English language training for newcomers, trying to attract more foreign entrepreneurs, implementing improved anti-racism measures in workplaces and keeping personal tax levels low to avoid scaring off immigrant workers.

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