Irish working holiday backpackers needed in West Australia

Working Holiday bartender in Australia

West Australia is launching an aggressive Irish recruiting program in search of more than 2000 working holiday workers in the tourism and hotel business (waiters, chefs, bartenders, receptionists, housekeepers and managers).

The Australian Hotels Association discovered that less than 7% of all Irish working holiday backpackers are travelling to Western Australia to seek jobs, however, because of the huge and fast turnover and the several new hotels planned to be built in Perth, there is a big need of workers in regional Western Australia.

The state branch of the Australian Hotels Association said that there are 1500 unfilled positions for hospitality workers in Western Australia on any given day.

Representatives from the branch will travel to Ireland next month with the mission to convince the eligible skilled hospitality workers (between the age of 18 and 30) to come to Perth and regional Western Australia on working holiday.

They will target all Irish considering working holiday in Eastern Australia.

Travel and Work Western Australia

The Australian hoteliers will visit Dublin on October 2 and 3 presenting free seminars under the name “Travel and Work Western Australia”.

In these seminars the Australian hoteliers will present Western Australia as “the most beautiful and dynamic” The chief executive of the Australian Hotels Association, Bradley Woods, also state:

“At the ‘Travel and Work WA’ seminars, people will get information on Western Australia, find out how much they will get paid, and meet pub and bar owners, hoteliers and managers from hospitality businesses located in Perth and regional Western Australia, including beautiful Australian holiday destinations like  Broome and Margaret River.”

Mr Woods hopes to double the percentage of Irish working holiday backpackers in Western Australia and Perth. Trying to attract more Irish workers he also says:

“If you are an enthusiastic and experienced hospitality worker willing to travel to Western Australia then there may be a position waiting for you. Coupled with extraordinary travel opportunities, breathtaking landscapes and great weather, Western Australia (WA) could be just the overseas experience you’re looking for!”

All visitors to the seminar will get a booklet with some basics about Western Australia, some Australian slang will be explained too. There will be featured video with Irish workers already working at WA in pubs and hotels, telling their stories and encouraging the overseas workers. The main drawcard for the Irish, according to the Hoteliers Association, is the WA warm climate:

“A Western Australian working holiday offers sun, adventure, an awesome natural environment and friendly people. Nowhere else in the world can you experience and interact with such unique natural attractions.”

In the seminars are included also two sessions with a special briefing for senior managers, qualified bakers, pastry chefs or chefs up to 50 years of age, with opportunity for getting work with the 4-year Australian skilled migration visa.

‘Travel and Work in WA Recruitment Seminar’ is being held at the Burlington Hotel in Dublin on 2 & 3 October 2012.

Although it is free if you want to attend you need to pre-register. The registration is open online at

If the seminar encourages you enough to get this opportunity to work in WA we can help you with your Australian Working Holiday visa!

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What a joke. We travel to Ireland to "attract Irish backpackers to come to Perth to help our staff shortages in the hospitality sector". Meanwhile, just four hours to our north, there are thousands of young Indonesians who would give anything to work in WA for a year or so. They can speak really good English, they are more courteous than any Irish - or Australian - waiter would ever be, and they are experienced in hospitality. ..and their country will soon be bigger, economically, than Australia. Their country WILL have a huge influence on our lives in the near future. Yet we shun them. It's dumb, shortsighted and rude. Ross Taylor

Hi Caroline, Our next seminar will take place on the 6th November (Tuesday) in Dublin - Red Cow at 7.30pm. We will be glad to meet you there. Best regards, Ivan

hi i have applied for a working holiday visa next year, Im hoping to travel to Perth in April. and i never heard of that seminar before. i am currently working in the hospitality industry the last 12 years is there any information you could send me about the seminar. my phone no is 0498547653

Hi Bobby, It is informational seminar that will give you insight about the working holiday in Perth and Western Australia. If you need any help with the visa itself check here or call us on 01 878 3329 (local phone) to get more info.

Great article and insight! I want to go in working holiday visa next year and i never heard of that seminar before. Are they going to help with the visas also or is just informational seminar about WA?

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