Labour Party on Immigration

The Labour party believe that controlled immigration has a positive effect on the country. Based on the years of experience, they are confident they have done a lot of positive changes in the immigrant rules. They are implementing “a new Australian-style points-based immigration system,” which will help to let only the skilled immigrants in the country—to help build a stronger economy, per

They promise that by the end of 2010, in addition to the 100% biometric visas and ID cards for foreign nationals, they will start electric border controls to count people in and out of the country. In order to gain positive results from the new strategy, there will be a points-based system for permanent residence and citizenship, with clearly stated rights and obligations of the candidates—“…because we believe those who look to build a new life here should earn the right to do so.” Such requirements will be to learn English, pay taxes, obey the laws.

“Our Earned Citizenship plans for newcomers, together with the points-based immigration system will reduce overall numbers of economic migrants coming to Britain and the numbers awarded a permanent settlement,” say the Labourists.


I can't believe what the stinking Labour party managed to do in just a few years - irreversibly damaging our country's culture, creating conditions for the end of our civilisation, and turning it into a multi-cultural gulag.

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