Labour shortage in Australia is lilely to continue

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It is very likely that the current high demand for skilled workers in Australia will continue to grow during the next several years.

According to the fourth skilled immigration survey made by the global consulting company KPMG the labour shortage is one of the permanent features of the Australian job market.

Many Australian businesses are in the same opinion. Around 60% of the Australian entrepreneurs consider that long term measures are necessary in order to reduce the existing problem with the skilled workers’ shortage.

The survey shows that most of the businesses are satisfied with the government response which includes 457 temporary visa as well as other skilled immigration programs.

According to a KPMG spokesman, 90% of the companies that were interviewed said that they were able to sponsor foreign workers that they wanted to hire.

The survey also found that 61% of respondents said that they have fewer than 5% of their total workforces employed under 457 temporary visa arrangements.

The programme allows them to fill skill gaps at the margins as and when needed. The employers indicated that the main reasons for hiring foreign workers are

  1. Lack of local workers that have necessary skills for the jobs that employers advertise
  2. Low ‘quality’ of locally sourced staff.

More than 60% of the companies that have hired foreigners with a temporary visa expect that they will apply for a permanent residence to Australia in the next 12 month.

Furthermore, the report describes the access of the foreign workers as a temporary shock absorber that saves the Australian economy from some serious mismatches between the demand and the supply of skilled workers on the local labour market.

The report finishes with the conclusion that the current crisis in Western Europe provides Australian with an excellent opportunity to attract foreign skilled personnel and to boost its economy.

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