Lack of People with manufacturing skill is hampering UK economy

qualified professionals working on a project

Recent research published by the United Kingdom Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) shows that 20% of the manufacturing positions in England are unfilled due to the lack of people who have relevant skills.

The research draws on data that comes from more than 75 000 employers across England. It claims that the problem of not having enough skilled workers is especially grave in mid-sized firms and urges the Government to take appropriate measures.

Economics experts are afraid that in case that these firms are unable to find the necessary personnel they will not expand any further and therefore will not play their part in the economic recovery of the UK.

The report of the UKCES shows that while most of the working place is filled very fast those for which skills shortage exists are creating major difficulties for the companies that are affected

The United  Kingdom Commission for Employment and Skills did not make a specific recommendation for liberalizing immigration rules in order to prevent further worsening of the skills crisis.

The commission, however, seems to favour the recommendations made by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development that restrictive immigration policies lead to skills shortages.

Prospective candidates who want to apply for a working visa to the UK need to achieve at least 70 points on the UK points-based system.

In addition to that, they have to meet other requirements as well all of which are listed on the website of the United Kingdom Border Agency.

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