Large mine projects attract a lot of foreign workers in Australia

One of the largest mining projects in Australia is attracting a lot of skilled foreign workers for certain positions which are difficult to fill from the local job market. The Roy Hill iron ore mining, rail and port project in the Pilbara region of Western Australia has received more than 5,500 applications for work since December, according to chief executive Barry Fitzgerald.

Currently, around 2500 people are employed on the project and it is expected that the number reaches 3600. After the construction is ready the permanent staff will be nearly 2000 people. During a period of global uncertainty, Royal Hill offers opportunity for new job creation and a lot of the benefits for the mining and construction-related industries. The employment opportunities that are available fall broadly into two main categories – operations and constructions.

During the construction phase which is taking place until 2015, some 8,500 temporary construction jobs will need to be filled, while during the operational phase of the project from 2015 around 2,000 permanent Australian jobs will be created. The construction work on the project has already begun, but it is expected that it will accelerate during the next 12 months when large scale contractors will start executing their work and the mine and on the affiliated infrastructure.

Another large mining company – BHP Bilton has also begun to work on its latest project, the Jimblebar iron ore mine, 40 kilometres east of Newman in Western Australia. The company is also planning to build the largest underground coal mine in Australia near Gunnedah, New South Wales. The large project shows the confidence that BHP Bilton has in the global economy and in the Australian iron ore industry in particular.

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