Liberal Democrats on Immigration

According to the Liberal Democrats, the Government has acted ineffectively and incompetently with the immigration problem. As a result, the public has lost confidence that the country can be liberal towards immigration–as it’s always been before.

The Liberal Democrats see immigration as beneficial for Britain, thus they will support legal immigration and promote integration, but will not allow uncontrolled border passing.

“Liberal Democrats would take control of our borders and immediately reintroduce entry and exit checks,” said the Liberal Democrats according to, adding that the National Border Force will be empowered to arrest and bring law violators to justice.

In addition, foreign families that have been living in the country for years and have been paying taxes will have a way to get a citizenship. The families need to prove they want to work, speak English and “commit to the UK in the long term.”

Another step the party will take is to direct the immigration to under-populated areas, or wherever it’s needed like Scotland, for instance.

At last, the Liberal Democrats promise to establish an asylum system, “for those fleeing real persecution.” The system will be fairer because it will charge “a Canadian-style independent agency” to operate separately from the Home Office. This step will “reduce the number of decisions overturned on appeal.” Finally, the party will allow the asylum-seekers to work in order to support themselves, and this way they will not be dependant on benefits.


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