Macao and Australia sign Memorandum of Understanding on immigration cooperation

Australian flag

Yesterday was signed the first Memorandum of Understanding on Immigration Cooperation between Macau SAR. The agreement will come into effect during the next week and will facilitate the border exchange between the two countries. “Mostly [the memorandum] is aimed at providing training and capacity building, so that each of the immigration agencies can understand the other’s process better,” said the Consul-General.

Macau and Australia have already shown that they have a strong desire for mutual cooperation concerning immigration matters. When the discussion focused on the increased number of visitors that come in Macao, the Commissioner Lei Siu Peng of Macau’s Public Security Police Force (PSP) emphasized that it is important for the border agency to enhance its capability and professional abilities to deal with higher levels of incoming immigration.

The memorandum will lead to unprecedented cooperation between Australia and Macao in the areas of training of immigration officials and sharing of experience. In addition to that similar agreements with more countries are expected in the future according to Commissioner Lei. The areas of collaboration will include formal channels of communication, developing professional training programs on a regular basis, and sharing information and the best practices of combating human trafficking and irregular migration.

In the future, Australia will consider the possibility to introduce more online visa lodgements. Last year label-free visas for Australia were available for all Citizens of Macao. This means that they no longer need physical visa labels placed in their passport when they enter Australia.

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