Many UK students head to Germany in order to complete their higher education

Recently a lot of British students are highly interested in universities that are neither Red Brick nor Russell Group. An increasing number of British graduates is travelling to Europe in order to finish their tertiary education.

Many universities from the mainland offer very affordable education. Instead of paying 9000 pounds for a second-tier British university, you graduate for no or minimal fees from a well respected European university and live a lively and attractive city.

In addition to that many continental universities offer programs in English. Germany and Netherlands, for example, have a wide choice of such programs.

Last but not least studying abroad gives a lot of students the chance to significantly improve their foreign language skills.

Indeed, while their forebears might have visited that nation in very different circumstances, young Brits (there were 2,087 in 2011) arrive today in Berlin, Munich or Hamburg, carrying little more than their laptops.

Altogether, German universities offer 124 undergraduate English-language courses to overseas students, in subjects from art to veterinary medicine, in locations from Aachen to Zittau.

In addition, there are many more single-term (usually winter), and one or two-year-long master’s degree courses

One of the most important institutions for everyone who wants to study in Germany is the German Academic Exchange Service (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst, or DAAD).

It has been trying to recruit English-speaking students for several decades. During the past, it has just limited success, but recently there is an increase in the number of applications.

The main reason for this is the sharp rise of UK university fees.

The German Universities, however, don’t just take anyone.

British students who want to go there must meet minimum entrance requirements such as four A-levels and including a modern language.

Furthermore, a lot of educational institutions have introduced semester fees, usually around 650 EUR.


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