Matt Damon new movie is a metaphor for immigration

The US actor Matt Damon has given an interview to the British National Broadcaster BBC in which he stated that his new film is a metaphor for immigration. The movie Elysium is directed by the South African director Neill Blomkamp. Damon told BBC interviewer Susannah Reid, ‘The director didn’t want to make a ‘message movie [but] he said to me “Look, I grew up in South Africa.

I emigrated to Vancouver when I was 18 years’ old. The experience of moving from a third world country to a first world country so completely shattered me that, throughout my adult life, I have been expressing that in the films I make.”‘

Since its release in the US, the movie Elysium has been extremely controversial. Republican commentators will have classified the film as socialist. Matt Damon was attacked as not sincere when he says that the movie does not have any political message. The film, which was written and directed by Blomkamp, is set in 2154. The earth’s population lives in a poor, hungry and violent world except for the super-rich who now live on a luxurious space station known as Elysium (the name for paradise in Greek mythology).

The film follows with a group which includes Max (Matt Damon) of illegal immigrants who try to enter Elysium. They are confronted by the secretary of defence on Elysium played by Jodie Foster. She tries to stop them by all possible means.

The director Blomkamp says that he has been inspired to make the movie after he crossed the border between Mexico and USA at the city of Tijuana. Blomkamp recounted how he could see the border which was patrolled by high-tech black hawk helicopters as they walked through the poverty of the Tijuana slums. He recounts ‘it was the most insane feeling I’ve ever had in my life’.


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