Melbourne V’s Sydney – Who Wins the Style War?

Is style really based upon which city we live in? This is the age-old question that many of us have tried to answer, sometimes successfully and sometimes not. However one thing is clear – style wars do exist, with cities battling it out to be the chicest in the country.

None are more prominent than the battle between Sydney and Melbourne. Both cities are stylish, with their own unique take on fashion, much of which has been defined by the cities atmospheres. In reality, the choice of which wins the style of war comes down to your personal fashion style. Here are some of the differences between the two cities.

Melbourne wins for tailored, chic fashion

deco satin skirt

Melbourne is home to some of the wealthiest businesses in the country, along with an inherent feeling of European Chic style blended with the classic Australian weather. Melbourne’s style is all about layering tailored items and blending structured pieces with unusual twists, like this Deco Satin Skirt from Cue online. It is this clever designing that stands Melbourne out from the crowd.

As Melbourne is the epitome of an Australian urban space, our fashion inspiration is taken from this. What you would wear in Sydney simply wouldn’t fit the architectural surroundings and shade of the city. To blend in with the atmosphere, you need to opt for formal, in both colour and silhouette. Classic styles, with an urban edge, whether this is through the clever use of tailoring, or a Boho pattern being introduced to a pencil skirt. Everything feels well thought through and looks decadent; much like the city itself.

Sydney has an eclectic edge

Sydney clothing style

Sydney is the polar opposite of Melbourne; it is full of art, music and skin. You can wander the streets taking in the bright colours, bold patterns and endless array of fabrics. Part of this is down to the change in weather and some of it is down to the blending of artistic temperament. Everywhere you walk in the city you will see freedom in a style that Melbourne doesn’t possess; some people will be in tracksuit bottoms sipping on a caramel latte, whilst others will be wearing floral sundresses with wedge heels. This is one city where anything goes.

It is hard to define the signature style of Sydney, but if you are trying to decide which city best defines you, then opting for a floaty maxi dress, oversized sunnies and flip flops is a great place to start. Rather than the layering of chic style that Melbourne has us reaching for, Sydney style is all about separate pieces that don’t quite fit together. From chunky necklaces to wide-legged trousers that look like a piece of art; you have to be creative, relaxed and fun to fit in with this eclectic city.

So who wins? Well, that is down to what you believe fashion should be. As with any art form, fashion is subjective, you either love a style or you hate it.


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