Migration council Australia recommends 457 visa price increase

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The Migration Council Australia has published a new report in which it is recommended that the price of 457 visas be increased. The news about the 457 visas has dominated the Australian immigration discourse as the Labour Party claims the abuse of the temporary visa program that is known as rorting must be reduced.

The visa is intended to fill the temporary gaps that exist on the Australian labour market as it allows employers to bring foreign workers if there are no suitable applicants on the Australian market. However, the government and other critics claim these checks are often overlooked or manipulated.

As a result of this, the immigration minister Brandon O’Connor has promised that he will tighten the applicants’ checks and will prioritize language skills. However, workers’ unions and opposition politicians have defended the scheme, claiming it is vital to the country’s economic growth – particularly in areas such as Western Australia where industrial development rates far exceed those of population growth in the areas.

This has forced O’Connor to retract his previous statements that there are several thousands 457 visa holders, who had entered the country after inadequate assessment procedures. As the debate on the future of the 457 visa program continues the Migration Council Australia has published its own opinion according to which the cost of the program must be increased.

According to the council, this will ensure that more businesses look to hire Australian workers where available and at the same time the program itself should come under closer scrutiny which will potentially limit the abuse. Nevertheless, there are some critics who claim that the increase in the price would be a mistake.

Lauren Mennie, who is a migration consultant at the Australian Visa Bureau, said any cost increase of the 457 visas would bring it closer to the cost of other skilled migration visa streams, but without any of the benefits.

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