More international students apply to Australian Universities

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An increasing number of international students is being granted Australian Student visas according to a recent report released by the Australia Ministry of Education.

The last student visa trend report released by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship shows that during 2011 the student visa applications are with 0,4% more in comparison with 2010.

Although this may appear a small percentage, at first sight, it is the first increase in student visa applications since 2008 and will ease the concerns of the Australian universities that the number of international students is going down.

The reason for a large number of foreign students wanting to come to Australia is the changes that the Australian Government made to the student visa program, reducing the application requirements and allowing extending the rights of post-study work for foreign students.

As a result of the changes in July 2012, there were 307,050 student visa holders in Australia. Most of the visas were granted for higher education study (around 150 000), followed by vocational education and training (around 65 000).

China remains the largest source of foreign students in Australia with around 50 0000 student visas. India is second with 33 000.

To be eligible for a student visa, applicants must be accepted for full-time study in a course listed on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS).

Applicants must also meet financial, health insurance, English language proficiency and health and character requirements.

Australian Government has no established a yearly cap on the student visas issued. All eligible applicants will receive their visa and have a chance to study in the country.

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