More job places will be available in the Australian minning industry

A lot of new working places will be created in Queensland’s mining industry during the next two years. According to local authorities there will be a need of around 26 000 machine operators, graduates and various trades people. This presents a significant opportunity for qualified foreign workers, who have the relevant skills and experience and want to immigrate to Australia. Even though the demand for resource has dropped during last quarter there is still a lot of activity going on in the mining sector. Furthermore more than 16 billion AUD will be invested in the resource industry of the state in the following years, which will further contribute to the increasing demand for new workforce.

The fears that eventual slowdown of the Chinese economy will lead to an eventual end of the resource boom in Australia are dismissed. The investments in a new pipeline mean that the demand will continue to be high for at least several more years. Major projects, such as those in resources and infrastructure industries, typically have a five to 10 year horizon from proposal to completion. New and expanding mining projects are predicted to almost double workforce requirements over the next 10 years, placing further pressure on an already stretched supply pool.

According to Paul Bloxham who is a chief economics at HSBC bank, the resource boom in Australia is far from being over. He added the current slowdown in China is cyclical rather than structural. Furthermore the statistics shows that the skills shortage is high enough, so that many Australian companies are given special permissions from the government to employ people from abroad.

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I am a machine operator in a quarry in Ireland. Would you be able to arrange a job in australian mines with sponsorship on a 457 for me? Thanks.

Hello there,im moving to Perth on the 12th November and would like to get in to the mining industry.I work as a carpenter and looking for ideas in how to get in to the mines. Kind regards, Darren Healy

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