More than 100 000 British people sign a petition against immigration from Bulgaria and Romania

More than 100 000 British people have signed a petition against the removal of the transitional rules that restrict Bulgarians and Romanians from freely working in the UK. This is considered as a very serious warning which people give to the British Premier Minister David Cameron.

They do not want a new wave of immigration to flood Britain as already happened in 2004 when seven Central and Eastern European countries. The number of the signatures is enough in order to provoke discussion in the House of Commons with regards to the change of rules that will give the right of Bulgarian and Romanian citizens to work in the UK without the need of work permit.

The people who have signed the petition want the government to take adequate measures to protect the country from so-called “social tourists” – immigrants who come only to receive social benefits.

The petition comes in a time when the Labour Minister of UK made the announcement that any future waves immigrants may drown the British social security system.

In addition to that, he said that the Government is preparing future laws that will prevent immigrants from accessing the benefits system of the country.

At the same time, the European Parliament debated the situation with the Eastern European immigrants’ access to the Western labour market.

Although many opinions were heard, most of the European members of parliament thought that immigrants stimulate the economic growth of their host countries.

They stressed the fact that the population of the EU is declining and if the Union does not take the necessary measures in order to make itself attractive to qualified foreign immigrants it may become a victim of demographic crisis.

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Dear British :) Do not worry that Bulgarian would immigrate and will flood the UK. Maybe there will be such a wave, but it will be only the beginning. Тhen the Bulgarian people you understand that Balgria is much better than England, and they will return back to his country.I assure you that at the moment Bulgaria is stabilized in England there would not be a Bulgarian, since no one is living as a servant and a slave in a foreign country.

yeah...good to know ya' all bulgarians and romanians who are still willing to immigrate here that there are more than 100000 xenophobic c*nts in this luvly place:D

This is small country with 65 million already living here, more immigrants will lead to fuelling rigth wing parties and create more social cohersion, (Fact). No more immigrants, period.

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