Most people who receive Australian visa are university graduates

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Most of the people who received a visa for Australian during 2012 are university graduates.

These are the results form the latest immigration survey conducted by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

Two-thirds of the people, who have skilled immigration visa and one-third of the holders of family visa have Bachelor Degree or above.

According to many immigration experts, this information is proof that immigration is a significant source of skilled workers for Australia.

The industries employing the largest share of skilled visa holders were health and community services, professional scientific and technical services and the accommodation and hospitality industries.

Collectively these three industries employed 40% of all skilled visa holders.

The report also shows that the average monthly earnings of the skilled immigrants in Australia are around 60 000 AUD, which is generally in line with the average salaries of Australian employees as they were reported by a recent survey of the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The median immigrant salary estimate, however, tends to hide the difference in pay among different categories of workers. It ranges from $40,000 for skilled graduates up to $75,000 for migrants in the other onshore skilled categories.

Not all information in the survey was positive. When it comes to skills utilization, the statistics show that half of the immigrants with higher education have failed to secure a job which utilizes their full range of skills.

Although the results are not good, the recent graduates have the right to remain in Australian for 18 months and to find appropriate employment, who is willing to sponsor them.

Last but not least the report shows that the ability to secure appropriate housing is also crucial for the foreigners in Australia.

In this respect, the family stream immigrants have a significant advantage over skilled immigrants since they gave a partner or a close relative who is able to help them.

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