Most UK people are in favour of limiting social benefits for non-tax paying immigrants

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A recent poll that was conducted in the UK shows that the citizens are divided on the issue of foreigners receiving social benefits.

Nevertheless, the majority of the people support the idea that immigrants, who want to receive such benefits and use the National Health Service, must have paid taxes in the UK.

The poll was conducted by YouGov, one of the UK’s best known and largest polling organizations, for UK newspaper The Sunday Times.

Some of the respondents were asked if they think that new immigrants have made a positive contribution to UK society.

Nearly 45% thought that half or more than half had made a positive contribution. On the other 46% thought that this is not the case. Around 9% answered that they did not know.

Furthermore 86% of the respondents answered that they support the government in its policy of limiting the social benefits for newcomers.

Similarly to that around 75% of the respondents said that they would want to see new immigrant’s access to the National Health Service limited as well.

The survey is not a sign that UK people dislike immigration, but rather indicates that they think in times of difficulty only people who have contributed to the society may enjoy the various public benefits.

In addition to that, the poll showed that people or are in generally sceptical about immigration tend to support the United Kingdom Independence Party or the Conservative Party.

At the same time, even those people who were positive on the question about the immigrant’s contribution to the UK society tend to think that social benefits should be only for taxpayers.

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